Contact Email: FernieSida97@gmail.com

Professional photo of Fernando sitting by a fence.

Fernando Sida is a video editor and filmmaker with a strong desire for his craft.

His passion for film is firmly rooted in his childhood. As a child, he created skits and often wrote music. As he grew older, his desire for the arts grew as well. In high school, he was involved in the marching band and the drama program where he played and prominent role in field shows and musicals. After graduation, he attended fulerton college where he is currently seeking his A.A degree in film and set his sights on a future in the industry he loves.

Apart from video editing Fernando has a passion for science fiction and comedy, which has inspired him to learn motion graphics and screen writing. Additionally, he has a strong desire for special effects a craft that he mostly learned through self-teaching.

Professional photo of Fernando looking serious while sitting on some stairs.